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STEM Students in Science and Engineering Fairs - Local, National and Continental

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

STEMpower continues to guide Ethiopian pre-university students towards the 6th annual National Science and Engineering Fair, and this year we’re working towards a similar Fair in South Sudan.

South Sudan and Ethiopian Students Preparing for local Science Fairs

The Science Fair endeavor encourages thousands of students to acquire practical skills beyond the scope of traditional education. Those skills include presenting innovations to guest judges, responding to judges’ questions, networking with peers of different backgrounds, and the serious learning that comes with competition.

STEMpower implements local Science Fairs among its ever-growing platform of STEM Centers. Girl STEM students are enthusiastic participants in their local Science Fairs, as are all students from nearby public and private schools.

Foka STEM center Local Science Fair Competition 2021

The photos show the process this year at the Foka STEM Center, 45 km south of the national capital Addis Ababa. 19 student projects were proposed. During the following 10 weeks, the ideas were transformed into working models, for presentation at Foka's local Science Fair. The students presented their completed projects to local Foka experts who volunteered as judges.

The top three judged projects will go on to the Ethiopian National Science and Engineering Fair 2021, traditionally held on November 10, during UNESCO’s World Science Week. STEMpower partners with Ethiopia’s Ministry of Education and Ministry of Science, to institutionalize the national Fair. Students from regional states across all over the nation will meet at the national venue. That event is the ethnically-diverse nation’s premier example of peace-building and co-existence, because greatness in engineering always transcends division by ego, gender, or ethnicity.

Exhibition of National Science and Engineering Fair 2020

Moreover, STEMpower is an influential member of the Africa Union’s Innovating Education Expo, whose mission in the coming years is to bring together students from all member countries. Our STEM Centers across Sub-Sahara Africa will in the coming years harmonize a pan-African leap ahead.

Innovating Education in Africa Expo-Botswana, Gaborone 2019

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