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STEMpower Launches its Mobile STEM Lab in Ethiopia

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

STEMpower has created Ethiopia's first fully-functional traveling STEM lab. Our custom vehicle brings hands-on STEM education to students throughout the nation. The mobile lab accommodates up to 14 students at a time. Curricula includes: Electronics, Computer skills, Industrial computing, and 3-D printing. The mobile education experience is similar to learning in any of our 31 stationary STEM Centers across Ethiopia.

STEMpower Mobile STEM Lab

The mobile education experience is similar to learning in any of our 31 stationary STEM Centers across Ethiopia.

STEMpower’s Mobile STEM Lab was designed and built in Ethiopia, by our local partners IMG Metal Manufacturing PLC and Porta Manufacturing PLC. Atop a rugged Isuzu FSR truck chassis, we affixed a custom 2.5-by-7-meter cargo box. Then we installed ventilation, lab tables, electrical mains, lighting, and an entrance door. Finally, we positioned computer laptops, Arduino microcontroller kits, electronics learning boards, and a 3-D printer,

STEMpower staff introducing Mobile STEM Lab to Bishoftu high school community

Our Mobile STEM Lab’s first operational visit was at Bishoftu Comprehensive High School (45 km south of Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa). 14 Science Club students participated in the three-hour Arduino microcontroller hands-on session inside our lab, while 22 other students practiced coding inside their school classroom using additional laptops we provided.

Students learn to use the Arduino microcontroller in electronics circuits

STEMpower’s first-of-its-kind Ethiopian mobile STEM lab program was enthusiastically received. Regional development associations, education bureaus, and government ministries are currently working with STEMpower to expand the coverage to many areas around Ethiopia. Meanwhile, STEMpower has been gaining experience with off-grid solar power installations for STEM Centers in Ethiopia, South Sudan, and beyond. We are thus ready to solar-enable the next Mobile STEM Lab. Your support will bring hands-on STEM lab access to every student, anywhere in Ethiopia. Learn more: Subscribe to our YouTube channel: STEMpower Ethiopia COVID 19 Update: While our Mobile STEM Lab program is suspended until schools re-open, our engineering teams are working to invent medical gear for Ethiopian hospitals.

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