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Frequently-asked Questions

Q: Where can I study at a STEM Center?

A: Look at the table of existing STEM Centers. Find the Center closest to you, and contact the person who is listed. Usually, a STEM Center host is a government-backed entity, e.g., a university, a research institute, or a vocational TVET.

Q: Is there a fee to cover my attending a STEM Center?

A: It is STEMpower's intention that the STEM Center experience is free to all who qualify.

Q: What qualifiers do I need?

A: In general, an interest in science and technology, as well as good grades in school. Every STEM Center operates partially independently, so contact your closest STEM Center to find out more details.

Q: Are STEM Students enrolled in primary, secondary, or tertiary students?

A: Contact your local STEM Center. They set the policies.

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