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Impact of STEMpower

What influential leaders say about the impact of STEMpower’s many successful STEM Centers and programs we implement across Sub-Saharan Africa:

Dr. Dariya Mukamusoni

Vice Chancellor of Kibogora Polytechnic, Rwanda

''Our STEM center has been of vital significance because it helps us to equip students with computer and engineering skills. The number of students we reach has increased rapidly, thanks to this facility, which benefits primary, secondary, and university students, all together. Our Polytechnic prepares medics for the labor market, so we value STEM. I want to convey my appreciation to STEMpower for their contributions to the good cause of raising scientists and engineers who will solve problems that our country is battling."

Awut Deng Acuil

Minister of Education, South Sudan

"I am humbled by STEMpower's contributions to our education system, and I will never forget what your organization has done for our people. Remain blessed."

Mr. Gaspard Twagirayezu

Minister of State in the Ministry of Education, Rwanda

“As a country, we highly value and prioritize STEM education. We are increasing electronic devices in our schools, so we need to train teachers to equip their students with skills that promotes modern learning. We signed an agreement with STEMpower to establish STEM centers in some universities across the country. So far, they established four centers in Rwanda. Though these centers are in universities, they serve students in secondary schools, as well as members of the surrounding community. This unique approach helps high school students to become familiar with university settings. These centers also demystify science and technology in our secondary schools. We want to see more students realizing that STEM advancements are not magic, but rather something they can also do. We are trying to expand our partnership with STEMpower so that these centers are in as many universities as possible. ”

Fr. Fabien Hagenimana

Vice Chancellor of INES-Ruhengeri In Northern Province, Rwanda

"INES Ruhengeri STEM Center promotes innovation among students. The uniqueness of this STEM Center is that it focuses on nurturing young people, which is very crucial because they are the ones with fresh minds and great aspirations, having many years ahead of them to do exploits. Primary and secondary school students in our catchment area use equipment availed in our Center. Previously, students studied STEM in theory and had little to no chance of getting hands-on experience. On behalf of INES Ruhengeri, I want to thank STEMpower for being our good partner. We are learning a lot about how we can promote innovation using technology and electronics.”

Sam Takavarasha Jr (Ph.D.)

Dean, Faculty of Management and Entrepreneurial Sciences Women's

University of Africa, Zimbabwe.

"The impact of bringing our imagined world to life is amazing, to say the least. STEMpower introduced the devices and equipment that our universities could not provide. The technologies have brought excitement and enthusiasm to both students and lecturers. The strength of STEM Centers is that they are highly sustainable. The project is well-thought-out. We are still in our infancy, but we are on course to make giant steps forward."

Amb. Dr. Ron Adam

Israeli Ambassador to Rwanda

"I visited INES-Ruhengeri STEM Center, one of the four centers established by STEMpower in partnership with the Embassy of Israel in Rwanda. The STEM Center is accessible to the INES students, to the catchment area school students, and to the surrounding community residents -- bridging the digital gap and fostering innovation."

Solomon Benor (Ph.D.)

Horizon Europe Program

Ministry of Education of Ethiopia

"Training and practical sessions for younger generations mean a lot for educating capable citizens, who in turn will join higher education institutions with confidence applied to science and technology. The informal STEM education program run by STEMpower in Ethiopia has brought a positive impact on young citizens who are innovative and high-scoring achievers, in harmony with their formal education activities. The STEM centers are also a good hub for higher education institutions to enhance their local community services, a core educational mission."

Prof. Teketel Yohannes

Executive Director at Ethiopian Academy of Science

"STEM education helps the development of our nation. STEM education programs help us train students both theoretically and in hands-on practical training. This type of methodology of training would contribute a lot to nurturing innovation and critical thinking among the new generation. The disseminating undertaking of transforming STEM education for innovation has the potential to speed up the Nation’s economic competitiveness. STEMpower is highly committed to disseminating the practice of STEM education all over the country by providing material, financial and technical support."

Dereje Engida (Ph.D.)

President, Addis Ababa Science, and Technology University

"STEM education is important for developing Ethiopia. Innovation, technology, science, and product development are all addressed in STEM education. At Addis Ababa Science & Technology University, we were an early adopter of what is now known as a STEMpower STEM Center. That relationship also brought us a serious interactive Science Museum. More than 6,000 school-age students from local primary and secondary schools visit our STEM Center and Science Museum. Our STEM Center trains talented students from surrounding high schools, and we support them to compete in national competitions. We are partners with STEMpower through active agreements. I believe there is no other organization better than STEMpower to make this a reality."

Shumate Gizaw (Ph.D.)

Former Director General, Information Network Security Administration (INSA), Ethiopia

"STEM-based education is more than the explanation of the words in the abbreviation. It's a seed in the education system that enables Ethiopia to realize a digital literacy program. The application of digital technologies and digital transformation is unthinkable without digital literacy. We have seen a revival of STEM-based practices in many (educational) institutions. The interest in STEM education, particularly for girls, is increasing. Innovative ideas and products are coming out of STEM centers and growing into startups and tech jobs. We envisage our partnership with STEMpower to continue to grow

together, creating a healthy, safe, win-win STEM environment."


STEMpower is now establishing 21 more STEM Centers, most in deserving Sub-Saharan African countries that are new to us. The challenge is huge. Your support helps young aspiring engineers strengthen their countries.

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