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The method the training is more of trainees centered and instructors in the sessions play a facilitator role. Each session begins with eyes breaking games to boost up trainees mood.

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Virtual Computer Labs

Our Virtual Computer Labs accommodate 30+ student workstations, using only one computer! Each student’s workstation (a keyboard, mouse, and display monitor) is connected to a miniature to “thin client”, which is an energy-efficient microcomputer.  Those ~30 thin clients are networked to a single powerful PC computer, running a modern operating system. Each student workstation acts like a real computer, performing the workstation’s computer tasks, but in reality, there’s no PC computer at any workstation!   The “virtual computer” arrangement saves large amounts of electricity, lessens the need to install heavy gauge wiring in school buildings, generates much less heat, and even prevents computer virus infection.  This is a “green” solution that offers great benefits. The installation and operating knowledge have been successfully transferred to local implementers, i.e., we “train the trainers”.  The old idea of “one-physical-computer-per-student” is disappearing from Ethiopia.  There are now more than 100 successful virtual computer lab implementations across Ethiopia, supporting thousands of student workstations.  Moreover, the novel virtual computer concept has been implemented across government, education, and research institutions.



STEMpower endeavors to reach every student in Ethiopia, no matter how far from urban areas. Our biweekly STEM-TV show reaches students who are unable to access the internet but have access to a home or community TV satellite dish. For the maximum audience, the show is produced by local talent, in the national language Amharic, including student-age actors who encourage all youth to become engaged in STEM thinking and possibilities. Our satellite broadcaster Walta estimates that 5 million viewers watch our regularly-scheduled Saturday dinnertime dish broadcasts. English-language captioning is added upon uploading to the internet.

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We Need Your Support Today!